If there was only one tool left to promote your business, what would you choose?

Most likely, your answer would be one of the following:

  • Social Networks
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Or offline advertising

To us, the correct answer is marketing. Yes, marketing. However, when it comes to marketing, we need something extraordinary and catchy. What would it be?

It does not matter you are a business owner, a student or YouTube blogger — video marketing and specifically animated explainer videos is something that can improve sales or effectiveness of your project, make your competitors left way back and the last but not the least, set contact with your customers. The latter is especially important if you’re running a startup or any project that has been launched a few months ago and you haven’t A-B tested your target audience yet.

Are you tired of courses and educational platforms that promise to teach you how to produce your explainer videos? and “How those people shrink a-loooong-lasting explanation of how their business works in less than a minute?

Why animated videos are a marketing revolution

  • Made with passion and professionalism, animated explainer videos can turn any subject into a story that audiences can quickly and instantly connect with.
  • Your business process, if expressed correctly, can be your strongest marketing asset. Animated explainer videos can display your process in a way that is easy to understand to your target market.
  • A premium animated video improves online presence and captures desired attention.
  • Animated explainer videos are versatile and can be applied to any industry.

You’ll surely agree that watching a video is much easier and enjoyable than reading about a process or product.

However, the truth is, making videos is challenging.

The Animated Explainer Video Process

These are the initial steps when making an animated explainer video:

  1. To gather all required material
  2. To count the budget
  3. Write a script
  4. The process of making video itself — could take days
  5. Postproduction…


On average, one minute of premium animated video explainer takes up to 10 hours! And we’re talking about real professionals who have been developing, editing and promoting animated videos for decades!

An animated explainer video is a business tool that helps get rid of those time-intensive pains. Whether you’re a motion graphics guru, a fitness coach, the manager of a dog shelter, or you manage your local Toastmaster club, any company or non-profit organization can use animated explainer videos to attract more people and raise business efficiency.

No need to write a script. We can cover it. Forget about the special programs and equipment needed to make an animated video of your own.

All you need to do is to tell us about your goals openly and clearly. Do you want to run a world? Do you want to reach a specific target audience? Are you looking for something that will blow your customers’ minds away? We have you covered.

What’s the secret behind a solid juicy video explainer?

Friendly and highly-professional specialists that utilize up-to-date scripts for animated explainer videos. Experts that know how to keep your clients glued to their iPhones, laptops, and tablets.

We boast of our team that have already produced over NUMBER animated explainer videos during ____ years/months. Worldwide? Yes. We have been cooperating with such reputable companies as 1,2,3. Wellness clubs, up-to-date mobile applications, delivery services, jewelry shops, design studios… It’s easier to count industries we have not worked with!

Explainr is a revolutionary video production company since we follow 5 steps working with our partners.

1st — We research your target audience to understand their demographic profile. This helps us determine what types of content will have the highest probability of conversion.

2nd — Informing and entertaining are the two pillars our business stands on. It’s the type of service we provide and it’s what we do best.

3rd — We offer continued support even after the animated explainer video is ready and has already been uploaded.

4th — Our specialists are in a constant state of professional improvement. Market trends, economic fluctuations, and consumer behavior; these things are always changing.

5th — We put in every effort to produce engaging, thought-provoking, and successful videos.

It’s no secret that we are always in a hurry. Everyone is busy. We don’t have much time. We live in a world where instant gratification rules the world. In a world such as this, the more precise and engaging your video is, the more customers you will attract.

When potential clients can feel confident about the outcome of their investment, they invest in the process that creates that outcome.

Let us translate your message and express to potential clients the outcome you provide.