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About Us

About us

August 2015, Explainer Ltd. Thailand was founded. With Fluke as a very responsible and dynamic Thai CEO and one graphic artist and one animation artist we started the explainer video business.

In 1985, Explainer Co Ltd founder Andreas Stoll did a trip to Chiang Mai in Thailand. Chiang Mai at that time had only one traffic light, which was shut down during the night. Andreas loved the people and the climate and decided to spend many years in Thailand, whilst still studying in Germany. In 1988 he met Kanlaya. They married in 1994 raised a family with three kids in Germany. Andreas always knew he wanted to come back to do business in Thailand.

In the meantime Andreas founded a company which produces explainer videos in Germany. Fluke, Andreas’s nephew entered the game. He visited Andreas’s family in Germany twice. Fluke and Andreas started a trustful relationship. This was the fundamental start of a new Explainer production company in Chiang Mai with Fluke as the CEO.

To date, Explainer Co Ltd Thailand has 12 full time employees and a handful of freelancers. The company has and continues to grow exponentially within Germany servicing many A-List clients. A brand-new international side of the business was launched in January of 2018.


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